Sera Mey Monastic University annual 8 days Rigchung Debate Ceremony by the students of Senkyang Class. The annual curriculum event of our monastery, held from the 21st day of the 6th month as per Tibetan Lunar calendar is the recognition to the students on completion of Part one of PragyaParamita (perfection) which is one of the most important subjects of five major subjects.

32 students are selected for this event as per their performance in the Rigchung Debating exams.

༼Topics of Rigchung Ceremony ༽

༡༽ Wheel of Dharma (Kalachakra)

༢༽ Buddha Nature

༣༽ Preparatory Path. 

༤༽Three Jewels

༥༽ Buddha’s Canon and its commentaries. 

༦༽Ultimate reality 

༧༽ Maitreya Text

༨༽ Bodhichitta.