Prayer Announcement – Extensive Medicine Buddha Prayers.

Buddha, with equal compassion for all,

Only hearing your name dispels the suffering of unfortunate rebirths.

Remove of the sickness of the three poisons,

I prostrate to the Medicine Buddha with his Lapis Lazuli Light.

The extensive offerings and prayer session unique to Sera Mey Thoesam Norling Monastery called “The Victorious Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, The Sutra-Based Ritual of the Bhagawan Medicine Buddha” began during the tenure of Demo Delek Gyatso as King of Tibet. It was intended as a way to accumulate good deeds for the prosperity and welfare of living beings in this life and future ones and for the spiritual and temporal needs of Tibet. It is said that Demo Delek Gyatso was inspired to introduce this great prayer by way of a dream he had one night in which he saw a statue of the Medicine Buddha in Sera Mey Monastery producing a great light. Then, the Buddha’s and their Spiritual Sons of the ten directions together with their encourage appeared in the sky, magically emanating countless clouds of offerings, pervading and filling the expanse of space. In order to replicate his dream, he requested that Sera Mey Monastery being these extended prayers. At the time of the first assembly, from the mandala of the Medicine Buddha, lights emanated into the Medicine Buddha statue amidst many signs and wonders. The great Tulku Tsemonling Ngawang Tsultrim clearly wrote about this in his autobiography and many senior teachers have spoken similarly.

This extended prayer will be performed for the well-being and happiness of all living beings and for the foundation of the precious teaching of the Victorious

One not to degenerate but remain for long. Furthermore, we pray for the long life of the Crown Ornament, the Victorious All-Knowing, and Meaningful to behold, the Holder of

lineages without Distinction, the Great Being, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. May all his aspiration be fulfilled instantly. In particular, we dedicate this prayer for world peace and for the many men and women, heroes who have cast away their dearly held body, life, and enjoyments for the purpose of the spiritual and religious needs of Tibet. May their hopes and aspirations be fulfilled as they so desired and may they always take rebirth under the care of the Superior Being, the Holder of the Lotus. We constantly remember the need for us Tibetans Living at home and abroad to quickly be reunited one day in order to be nurtured by a new light of peace.

Therefore, as did generations of our noble forerunners, this great tradition will continue and will begin on 09th October 2019 lasting for seven days until 15th October 2019. Each day there will be three sessions to be held during which three melodies unique to the monastery are used for chanting. The prayers, as well as the mantra connected with this sutra-based Medicine Buddha practice, will be extensively recited. Also, there will be a session for the ritual of fire offerings on 14th Oct. 2019. On the last day, to remove negativities of those having a connection with the monastery, both for those alive and who have passed away, under the guidance of the abbot, the monastery has settled a specific time to perform the Medicine Buddha purification ritual. With this in mind, it is advised that faithful monastic and laity in general and those stricken by sickness in particular, any of whom would like to make offerings select not to postpone but make contributions at the time of the extensive Medicine Buddha Prayer Session.

The great medicine buddha mandala.

The Great Medicine Buddha Prayer.

The eighth Demo Rinpoche Jamphel Gyatso, during his reign as the regent of Tibet, instructed that Sera Mey establish a special Medicinal Buddha Prayer. Accordingly, by keeping the rituals strictly in line with the Sutric tradition, this Medicinal Buddha Prayer was founded at Sera Mey. A complete Loelang [mentally constructed] Mandala of the eight Medicine Buddhas surrounded by all the retinues such as Boddhissatvas, Hearers, Solitary Realizers and so forth was envisioned and fulfilled through the compassionate direction of the late His Eminence Gyalrong Khensur Rinpoche Jestun Ngawang Thekchok.

Headed by Tibet’s regent Denmo Rinpoche and the abbot of Sera Mey, on the 8th day of the 8th Tibetan month, this Great Drupchen Prayer wash held by the Tulkus and the Sangha of Sera Mey. It is said that when this ritual, reminding the eight aspects of the Medicine Buddha about their own special pledges at the time of the five generations, was first established, auspicious rays filled the vicinity as a sign of blessing; from then onwards, the whole of Tibet had stability and peace, and the common populace of Tibet remained free of epidemics for a long time. From the time of its establishment until now, this Drupchen has been graciously held at Sera Mey.

In this age of five degenerations when the world is captivated by wars, natural disasters, epidemics that torments all beings physically and mentally, the importance of the continuation of the Buddha Dharma in general, and this practice in particular, becomes even more relevant. As such, under the guidance of the most venerable Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Ngawang Thekchok, an illustrate upholder of the tradition of the yellow hats, since 2003 a greater session of this prayer came to be held. The ritual in this is associated with the construction of a sand mandala of Medicine Buddha.

In 2005, a mandala of Medicine Buddha- made of bronze mixed with gold- was constructed and consecrated. This mandala now stands out magnificently as a field of merit for all.


The Medicine Buddha Drupchoe [it literally means an offering in the form of practice]. Pacifying obstacles like disease caused by external elements, ridding off mental agonies caused by mental delusions and success in one’s endeavors like a business, etc. are some of the benefits related to this life. In the future, one will be freed from sufferings of intolerable nature and one’s temporary and ultimate aspirations will be fulfilled. In short, from success and prosperity in this life for those who are alive to help them with merits and purification for those who have died, the benefit of this prayer is immeasurable.

In the short version of the ritual, it says:

On merely hearing the names
Of the Tathagathas who have equal compassion for all,
Sufferings of lower realms are relieved.
To the Buddhas of Medicine
Who shines with the light of Bendroya
And relieve the sicknesses of three poisons,
I offer prostrations.

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