Sera Mey Library was established with the sole aim of providing the needs of the students and not with any business intention. The library publishes Dharma books and produces CDs to listen to the teachings of His Holiness, other Lamas, scholars from Sera-Mey as well as from outside. With the need of the students as the top priority, the library finds sponsors and publishes books on the authoritative classical texts of Sera-Mey, all major works of eminent Buddhist masters, history books, and literatures of different types. Many books of importance are ordered from other libraries and sold at reasonable prices. Some books are distributed for free, while others are sold at half the price.

The reading section has books of different types. Although it mainly houses of works of all renowned Indian and Tibetan masters, it also contains sections for Hindi and English books, story books and miscellaneous writings.

Contact Details:
The Director 
Sera Mey Library 
P.O. Bylakuppe – 571104 
District Mysore, Karnataka State 

Phone: +91-8223-258492

Current Officer:

  1. Geshe Jampa Yeshi (Administrator)
  2. Geshe Ngawang Tenpa (Administrator)