Gaden Ngachoe and Shichoe

[ Anniversary of Je Tsongkhapa and Jamchen Choeje Shakya Yeshi ]

Je Tsongkhapa, the founder of Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism, an emanation of Manjushri, passed away on the 25th day of the 10th Tibetan month in the year 1419. Jamchen Choeje Yeshi, the founder of Sera Monastery and one of the main disciples of Tsongkhapa, passed away on the 24th day of the same month in the year 1443. As such, the Gaden Ngachoed and Shichoed [ Gaden here refers to the Geluk sect while Ngachoe and Shichoed mean the 25th and 24th anniversary respectively] came to be observed with great significance and prayers.


Practicing purification, accumulation and making special aspirational prayers on these special occasions are said to be very strong in purifying our bad karmas, reviving broken commitments and accumulating vast amount of merit.

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