With the aim of preserving and promoting the rich doctrine of Buddhism through study, contemplation and meditation, Sera Mey Monastery was initially founded by Kunkyen Jangchup Bhumpa in 1942; he was the first abbot of Sera Mey. The present abbot is the 90th. Since the upheaval that saw Tibetans becoming refugees in India, and after establishing themselves in India, until 1985 there was no separate department under the monastery since everything was managed by the administration office. However, in 1986, the Education Department was founded with the contribution of a capital to begin with from the late His Eminence Kyabje Gyalrong Khensur Rinpoche Jestun Ngawang Thekchok. Later, His Eminence Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Jamyang further contributed to this fund.

Aims and Objectives:
In order to preserve the Kadampa tradition in general, and particularly the great tradition of Nalanda Buddhist University, and to remember the kindness of and fulfil the aspirations of countless scholars and practitioners of the past, it aims to lay a strong foundation for the sustenance and development of study programs at Sera Mey.

Executive Governing Body:

  1. Chairman: Khen Rinpoche, the incumbent abbot of the monastery
  2. Vice Chairman: The disciplinarian of the monastery
  3. Active board members: four Geshe Lharampas

Term and Power:
The term of office for the four active board members is two years; they make decisions on all, except some major and unique cases that need to be discussed and finalized in the presence of the chairman and the vice-chairman.

Duty and Responsibility:

  1. To maintain and strengthen the standard of education at the monastery by supervising the attendance as well as debates in the debate courtyard,
  2. To conduct written, oral and debate examinations at the monastery,
  3. To convene special meetings related to education.

Contact Details:
The Director
Education Development Committee
P.O. Bylakuppe -571104
District Mysore, Karnataka State

Phone: +91-8223-258624

Current Officer:

  1. Geshe Sonam Gonpo (Administrator)
  2. Geshe Lobsang Khentsue (Administrator)
  3. Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen (Administrator)