Monastic activities and curriculum are conducted under the direction of the so called Uchoesum or the Three Pillar of the monastery that compromises of the abbot, the disciplinarian and the chanting master. They have the most prominent roles in every aspect of the monastery’s internal and external matters. For the post of administrative officers, candidates are initially proposed by the committee of house masters known as “NACHEN” and from this proposal, the monks would cast votes for their candidates. From among those who have won the highest votes, the final selection is done through a process of urn rotation practice in front of the monastic protector Thawo Choegyalchenpo. The names were each rolled within dough balls that all weight the same. By putting all of them inside the urn, the urn would be rotated as prayers are said in front of the statue of Thawo Choegyal. The balls that would fall out first, second, third and so forth would then be searched inside for the names of new administrative officers. The term of service is for a duration of three years during which they take full responsibility for the monastery’s administration related work.

The office has the responsibility of looking after the maintenance of the monastery and its public and private relations, especially with the office of His Holiness, CTA, other organisations, and sponsors and supporters.